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gearmanndude is NOT Jack Black

In 閒聊瞎扯 on 2009 年 03 月 07 日 at 15:45

I’m a fan of Jack Black, months ago I found some videos on youtube which were uploaded by gearmanndude, at first time I saw his video I was like “oh man, it REALLY sounded like Jack Black!" … I googled gearmanndude and found lots of people had the same feeling like me, some people said he’s probaby not JB ’cause of the accent of GMD is too “southern". I’m not an English native speaker so I just couldn’t figure it out, and I still hope that GMD was JB. :p But today I found one thing to let me start thinking maybe GMD is not JB.

I was watched this video today : The Luther Drive vs Crowther HOT CAKE pedal shootout which was uploaded by GMD at July 17, 2008. I noticed one thing at about 1:48 :
gearmanndude's right hand
there’s a mole on the middle finger of GMD’s right hand, then I googled some JB’s pictures and finally found this one :
as you can see, there’s no mole on the middle finger of JB’s right hand.

Of course I’m feel a little sad about it, but I still love JB and enjoy GMD’s videos ( you guys are ROCK !!), but the last thing I want to say is :
“somebody prove me wrong, PLEASE !!!!!!" orz


其實呢,我是 Jack Black (下面簡稱JB) 的影迷,幾個月以前我在 youtube 上面看到一個叫做 gearmanndude (下面簡稱GMD) 的人上傳的影片,內容都是在介紹一些他的吉他效果器等等,我第一次看到他的影片就想:「天啊,他的聲音超像 JB 的!根本就是 JB 本人吧!」我在網路上搜尋 gearmanndude 這個人,發現也有很多人跟我有一樣的想法,不過也有人說 GMD 的口音太南方,跟 JB 有點不像,不過我英文這麼鳥根本就聽不出來啊!所以我還是偷偷地希望 GMD 就是 JB。不過今天我發現了一件事:

今天我在看 GMD 的 The Luther Drive vs Crowther HOT CAKE pedal shootout 這個影片時發現,在大約 1:48 的地方,有拍到 GMD 的手:
gearmanndude's right hand
很明顯的他右手的中指上有一顆痣,然後我就去 google 找了一些 JB 的照片,最後找到這張:
圖有點大,請耐心等一下。你可以很清楚的看到這張照片中間的 JB,他的右手中指上並沒有任何的痣。

說真的我當然很失望啦!畢竟如果 GMD 真的是 JB 的話就太酷了,而且 GMD 看起來口袋也很麥可麥可 XD ,不過失望歸失望,如果他們真的不是同一個人那也不能怎麼樣。況且他們兩個都太酷了,無論如何我還是很喜歡他們的啦!

不過最後還是希望:「來個好心人證明我弄錯了吧!」 orz

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  1. Emma 說道:

    This is fake. If you watch any other video from gearmanndude that includes his hand you will see that it was not a mole but just a mark or edited in. Gearmanndude IS Jack Black

  2. 謎團 說道:

    有人說是Eric Whorton,但總覺得Tone還是有差,GMD的聲音跟JB真的比較接近!

  3. keibron 說道:

    a mole can appear any time, i accidentally made a mole in my arm with a cigar burn.

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