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一個時代的結束。Thank you, Michael …

In 閒聊瞎扯 on 2006 年 09 月 11 日 at 01:01

義大利站順利奪冠,與 Alonso 的積分拉近到只相差兩分;賽後他和以往不太一樣的、跟幾乎每一個法拉利的工作人員緊緊擁抱時,我們就覺得,這可能會是一個時代結束的前奏了,頒獎時 Schumi、Jean Todt 與 Kimi 的互動,更添了人們一些遐想。

果然,在頒獎的同時,BCC 與 CNN 幾乎是立即地發佈了大舒即將退休的新聞稿,而在幾分鐘後的賽後記者會上,大舒也親口證實了這項消息。

Words are not enough and whatever I could say now will never fully express how much I love this fascinating world of motorsport and all it has given me.

From go-karting to Formula One I have lived through moments that I will never forget.

This is the last Monza race I’ll do and at the end of this year I’ve decided with the team I’ll retire from racing,

It has been an exceptional time the last thirty years of what motorsport has given to me – I’ve loved all the good and bad moments and they’ve made it so special.

I want to thank my family, my dad, mum, wife and kids all of whom have supported what I’ve been doing.

Without their support to survive in this business and perform would be impossible. I can’t be thankful to my family enough and to all my mates from the Benetton times and Ferrari days where I’ve made so many friends here and it’s been a really tough decision to decide not to work together any more.

One day, it has to come, and I feel this is the moment.

In terms of timing, I think it is right to give Felipe to find his place in the team and decide his future and there was no point for my decision to be taken any further as he’s been doing such a good job for the team.

- from PTT FORMULA1 board, by wonders320

話說我會看 F1 是因為朋友某 A 君是大舒的車迷的緣故,因為他的關係,我慢慢的也開始有一場沒一場的看了,雖然到後來變成 Kimi 的車迷 (笑),不過大舒在我心中還是佔有一席之地;雖然有些人對他的風評並不是太好,不過運動就是這樣,有支持他的人當然也就會有討厭他的人;但是90個分站冠軍,7次世界冠軍的頭銜,一切關於偉大的用語在他身上都是毋庸置疑的。希望今年剩下的三場比賽大舒能好好加油,再一次的把車手及車隊雙料冠軍贏回家吧!

然後,冰滷蛋明年也要變成紅滷蛋了,希望明年的 RM 組合能好好加油啊!(至少 Kimi 在法拉利,我應該就比較不會神經衰弱了XD)

update : 根據 F1 官網的那篇報導的最後一段,似乎 Schumi 明年在車隊中會有個新的位子?所以應該不是完全退出 F1 囉?那麼雖然以後在場上看不見大舒奔馳,不過如果鏡頭偶而會帶到他的話,也是蠻不錯的啦!


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